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Present: Incoming President Abe Utu Malae, Treasurer Jim Mahoney, Joe Yandall, Billy Young, Margie Tafiti, Tom Drabble, Steve Watson, Joe Weilenman, Mike Benson, Joe Davis-Fleming, Roy Hall,, Bill Maxey, Lenita Pritchard, Terese Salumbides, Will Sword

Minutes of Meeting 1/24 read and passed.

Swimming Pool
President Dennis has sent proposal for Swimming Pool to Lina for funding. Abe said DOC will be meeting in 2 weeks.
Tom will look for a manufacturer who might be able to supply all parts for swimming pool ie: pipe engineering, pumps, play equipment, etc.
Jim advised us that we have $145,000 in swimming pool fund.
Abe asked if we had a back up plan if this funding didn’t come through. Billy mentioned that Soccer has 3 million dollar funding coming in from FIFA for a multiple sports facility and 7 million after that. Suggested we talk to them to get more info and if swimming might be included. Abe will talk to Faivae who is the President of the Soccer Association.
Abe mentioned if American Samoa Development Authority had any funding?

Jim happy with dictionary progress. We have our next presentation at Leone Midkiff Tuesday morning. Inviting any and all members to attend. Peter is getting books for Manua and will try schedule that when his boat makes a trip over.

Golf Tournament
Sold books are starting to come in. We were donated a 50″ TV from Ace hardware and have a dishwasher from past Rotary tournament which we will have a separate raffle for. 1000 tickets at $2.00. Feb 8th Roy and crew will set up at ACE to sell ball drop tickets and raffle tickets upon approval from ACE management and a second crew at CUL. Jim M. will check with ACE.

Have a nice trip Mike and don’t forget to come back!

Just a reminder- Next weeks meeting will be at Sadies by the Sea.

Everyone enjoyed the cake and IP Malae adjourned the meeting at 1:15.



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