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Home Uncategorized ROTARY MINUTES FOR FRI., JAN. 24, 2014


Present: President Dennis, Welborn, IPP Jackie Young, Treasurer Jim Mahoney, Betty Gavanagh, Joe Yandall, Roy Hall, Billy Young, Will Sword, Bill Maxey, Joe Weileman, Mike Benson, Jim Bacon, Margie Tafiti, Peter Crispin, Steve Watson, Lenita Pritchard, John Rayner
Guests: Alice Rayner

Went over Dictionary Distribution and Golf Tournament. Everyone was asked to participate in the Dictionary projects. Raffle Books were passed out. If you didn’t receive your 9 books please see Leni or call 733-5536.

Reminders: Pass out your solicitaion letters and sell your raffle books please. If you have trouble getting rid of raffle books after a hard effort to do so please return them back to me or pass on to another willing Rotarian. Also, Roy sent out Golf Tournament tasks…please work on your tasks and report status back to Roy or Will. Thank you all for all your hard work. Keep it up and once again we will be guranteed another successful tournament.

Dennis and the swimming pool committee were to hold a meeting at Joe Weilenmans house after Rotary meeting.

Prayer: Betty Gavanagh
Joke: Jackie or Bill Maxey or Joe W.
DYK: Jim Bacon

Bye for now!


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