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Minutes of Meeting, October 04, 2013
Present: President Dennis Wellborn, IPP Jackie Young, Treasurer Jim Mahoney, Lenita Pritchard, Billy Young, Peter Crispin, Margie Tafiti, ROTY Roy Hall, Jason Pritchard, Rven Garcia, Steve Watson, Chris Bullinger, Will Sword, Joe Weilenman, Joe Yandall, Tom Drabble, Sargent Tom Atkinson

Guest: Celestine Nicks

Our guest speaker was Celestine Nicks who gave us a very informative talk on Human and Social Services Programs which cover Childwelfare Advocacy, Abused and neglected children, emotional and sexually affected women, Adoption and Foster care, battered women which also involves the neighboring islands as well. They have a shelter for victims under 18 who Chris Bullinger will be presenting Rotary dictionaries to.
They currently have 8 clients who all differ in age. The youngest is a 2 year old disabled infant who they have been trying to get into Hope House but unfortunately this child is on a waiting list. ROTY Roy Hall mentioned that he had in the past help get a young child admitted into Hope House and that if there is any way Rotary can be of assistance to let him know. She thanked Rotary for their interest in wanting to help with the shelter by offering DVDs, TV’s etc but says that they are well equipped. If anyone would like to donate what they could do with is laundry soap, diapers, wipes, etc.

Jim Mahoney suggested she make contact with Ronald McDonald Homes to see if they could be of any help to her program.

Chris reported that he had a discussion with Bill Haleck, Director of Public Safety regarding Youth and Women who handle the Juvenile program. He will also be meeting with Roy Asuega and Mara Brown with Youth and Womens Affairs and will be donating dictionaries to them this Friday.

A big Thank you to ROTY Roy Hall for organizing the Tsunami event.

Swimming Pool Project: Will S. will provide topographic design. We will need to redraw design due to drainage. President Dennis and IP Abe Malae will draft letter to Governor to meet with Rotary. Abe will draft letter to governor for swimming pool funding.. Tom Drabble to source equipment pricing.

A big Thank you to Peter Crispin for work his boys did for park. Thank you also to Jason Pritchard for all the drinks he organized for Memorial. Margie, your chilly was yum! Thank you Chris for organizing the guest speaker.

Rven reported nice to be out of uniform for a little bit…still feel like that Rven?

Prayer for this week please – Joe Yandall
DYK – Jason
Joke – Rven

Note: If anyone has someone of interest who they would like to bring to Rotary as a guest speaker please email Pres. Dennis.

Until tomorrow, Sadies Inn at 12:15pm, Take care!



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